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Shutter Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet

Shutter Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet

It is new generation structural design of Multiwall Sheet, which is with multi concept of shutters and anti-UV.

IR Absorbent Polycarbonate Sheet

IR Absorbent Polycarbonate Sheet

It is added infrared absorber to block heat and also offers advantages in impact, light transmission, and UV stability.


Rubber Spacer, Screw, Foaming Strip | Polycarbonate Sheet Manufacturer & Supplier- SUN ASIA

Based in Taiwan, Sun Asia Enterprise Co., Ltd. is one of the primary Rubber Spacer, Screw, Foaming Strip suppliers since 1990. Multiwall polycarbonate sheets, solid polycarbonate sheets, frosted polycarbonate sheets with other wide range of polycarbonate sheet solutions for traditional construction, civil engineering, interior design and lighting industries.

SUN ASIA polycarbonate sheets are outstanding for impact strength and high temperature resistance. As well as excellent transparency and surface brightness, good chemical resistance, recyclable and safe.

With both advanced polycarbonate sheet technology and 31 years of experience, SUN ASIA makes sure to meet each customer's demands.

Rubber Spacer, Screw, Foaming Strip

BC0001, BC0002/3, BR0003, C6001

Polycarbonate sheet commonly used in application of skylight are found to covered with a layer a oil stain and dust.
The biggest problem is the impact of thermal expansion and contraction, PC board expansion coefficient formula.
Thermal expansion and contraction is the main impact for causing the sheet to crack.
Therefore Polycarbonate coefficient expansion formula to be : (7x10-5/°C).

For example plate temperature 23°C and 15°C, 38°C temperature difference.

For example, Polycarbonate sheet which is stored at the temperature degree celsius of 23 and 38, 15 degree Celsius to be the difference. Method of calculation to be 3500 x 0.00007 x 15°C = 3.675 mm Which means calculation for 15°C difference to be ; 3500 + 3.675 = 3503.675 mm

For example 1:
Installation of Polycarbonate sheet in the status of (expansion) during the hot mid day will cause sound made by Polycarbonate sheet when it (contracts) in the evening time due to inappropriate flexibility.

For example 2:
If installation of Polycarbonate sheet in the contraction status during evening period of time, Polycarbonate will form an uneven proportion surface as the sheet expands during the day. As the stress which form in Polycarbonate due to expansion and contraction, this will cause polycarbonate sheet to crack in a period of time.

Special rubber spacer are applicable to avoid polycarbonate sheet from cracks due to expansion and contraction once and for all.
Rubber spacer consist of upper and lower lead hole which comes with different diameter. Upon the tightening of screw with lead hole onto Polycarbonate sheet, it generates expansion and apply appropriate close integration. Ensure no leakage and no silicon application is required.

Product Reference

ItemColorReference Code
Rubber Spacer (for Solid sheet)BlackBC0001
Rubber Spacer(for Twin-wall sheet)BlackBC0002/3
Foaming stripWhiteC6001


  • Roofing, Skylight, Balcony, Walkway, Overhead Bridge, Ceilings covering, Car shield, etc.


ISO 9001.

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