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Shutter Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet

Shutter Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet

It is new generation structural design of Multiwall Sheet, which is with multi concept of shutters and anti-UV.

IR Absorbent Polycarbonate Sheet

IR Absorbent Polycarbonate Sheet

It is added infrared absorber to block heat and also offers advantages in impact, light transmission, and UV stability.


Embossed Polycarbonate Sheet (Light Green) | Polycarbonate Sheet Manufacturer & Supplier- SUN ASIA

Based in Taiwan, Sun Asia Enterprise Co., Ltd. is one of the primary Embossed Polycarbonate Sheet (Light Green) suppliers since 1990. Multiwall polycarbonate sheets, solid polycarbonate sheets, frosted polycarbonate sheets with other wide range of polycarbonate sheet solutions for traditional construction, civil engineering, interior design and lighting industries.

SUN ASIA polycarbonate sheets are outstanding for impact strength and high temperature resistance. As well as excellent transparency and surface brightness, good chemical resistance, recyclable and safe.

With both advanced polycarbonate sheet technology and 32 years of experience, SUN ASIA makes sure to meet each customer's demands.

Embossed Polycarbonate Sheet (Light Green)


Sun Asia brand Embossed polycarbonate sheet, made of Mitsubishi material from Japan and Sabic material, with Anti-UV coating on the surface with ten years warranty. Approved chemical construction materials testing and national industry standards.

Textured Polycarbonate Sheet (Light Green)


  • Anti-ultraviolet, Anti-aging: Coating anti-UV resin on the surface of weathering weak polycarbonate sheet by Co-extrusion process. There are high concentration of anti-UV coating on surface, which could block ultraviolet through and prevent yellowing and extend the lifetime of panel and keep excellent transparency for long time.
  • Flame Resistance: Polycarbonate plastic sheets have excellent flame resistance up to B1 grade by national lab. Selfignition temperature is 630°C. Would not contribute to the spread of fire when burning, No smoke and No poisonous gases. Self-extinguishing Away from the fire.
  • Light and Environment Friendly and Unbreakable: The 10mm polycarbonate plastic sheets lighter 85% than 6mm tempered glass. Easy and durable for construction.
  • Impact Resistance: The polycarbonate plastic sheets with excellent impact resistance from -40°C to +120°C, exposing outside for a long time.
  • Light Transmission: The light transmission of clear embossed polycarbonate sheet could up to 89%. Also clear multiwal polycarbonate sheet's could up to 80%. The transparency will not be bad after be used. The embossed polycarbonate sheet with color could prevent the strongest part of the sun's rays through, so transfer the light into soft.
  • Shape Stability: The embossed polycarbonate sheet would remained good impact resistance and rigidity after long time in a complex extreme temperature conditions.

Product Comparison

◎ Best / Ο Good / Δ Standard / ※ For Reference Only
ItemEmbossed  Polycarbonate  Sheet
ClearGreenLight GreenBrownBlue Green
ClearGreenLight GreenBrownBlue Green
Light Transmittance86.63%48.26%72.99%36.62%31.02%
Insulator Factor6.26%9.77%11.02%11.77%12.78%
UV Absorption◎ About 100%◎ About 100%◎ About 100%◎ About 100%◎ About 100%
YellownessWithin 5 years Δ5Within 5 years Δ5Within 5 years Δ5Within 5 years Δ5Within 5 years Δ5

1. Above mentioned are basis result of 3mm thickness.
2. Color to refer to actual finish product.
3. The Yellowness depends on grade of Anti-UV absorber.


Thickness (mm)Width (m/m)Length (m/m)SurfaceColor
1.8 ~ 6600 ~ 2000To be customizeEmbossedClear, Green, Blue Green, Brown, Light Green / To be customize

Product Reference

ItemColorReference Code
Embossed Polycarbonate SheetClearSY10E1
Embossed Polycarbonate SheetBrownSY20E1
Embossed Polycarbonate SheetLight GreenSY30E1
Embossed Polycarbonate SheetGreenSY30E2
Embossed Polycarbonate SheetBlue GreenSY53E1


  • For Outdoor: Roofing, Skylight, Balcony, Walkway, Overhead Bridge, Ceilings covering, Car shield, Advertising protector etc.
  • For Indoor: Partition, Shower cupid, Interior design, Decorating blind flange, Window-Door hardware, etc.


ISO 9001 and SGS.

Trade Information

Country of Origin: Taiwan

Payment Details
- Payment Terms: T/T or Irrevocable L/C at sight
- Minimum Order: 2,000 kg

Delivery Details
- Lead Time: 20~30 Days
- FOB Port: Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

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