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Shutter Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet

Shutter Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet

It is new generation structural design of Multiwall Sheet, which is with multi concept of shutters and anti-UV.

IR Absorbent Polycarbonate Sheet

IR Absorbent Polycarbonate Sheet

It is added infrared absorber to block heat and also offers advantages in impact, light transmission, and UV stability.


Polycarbonate Sheet Manufacturer & Supplier- SUN ASIA

Based in Taiwan, Sun Asia Enterprise Co., Ltd. is one of the primary polycarbonate sheet suppliers since 1990. Multiwall polycarbonate sheets, solid polycarbonate sheets, frosted polycarbonate sheets with other wide range of polycarbonate sheet solutions for traditional construction, civil engineering, interior design and lighting industries.

SUN ASIA polycarbonate sheets are outstanding for impact strength and high temperature resistance. As well as excellent transparency and surface brightness, good chemical resistance, recyclable and safe.

With both advanced polycarbonate sheet technology and 32 years of experience, SUN ASIA makes sure to meet each customer's demands.

Understanding of UV

Understanding of Anti-UV Coating

With a layer of anti-UV coated on the surface during the process of co-extrusion could prolong the lifespan of the sheet. Purpose of the anti-UV coating is to prevent ultraviolet from shining through which could cause the sheet from turning yellowish and ends with crack. Polycarbonate sheet maintains an excellent transparency surface over a period of time compare to others.

The Way of Anti-UV Coating:
Understanding of Anti-UV Coating

QUV Durable Test:

Production ModeYellowish fig.Years of Yellowish
UV W/o anti-UVAbove Δ YI 40Yellowish in short time
UV Stabilize anti-UVΔ YI 10 ~ 152 ~ 3 years
UV Coating Normal anti-UVΔ YI 3~73 ~ 5 years
UV Coating High Performance anti-UVBelow Δ YI 610 years & above


Polycarbonate sheet with Anti-UV coating not only reduces ultraviolet from transmitting but also protect Polycarbonate sheet against any harmful damage and prolong properties of Polycarbonate Sheet. Surface of the sheet form a protective force against factory pollution, exhaust emission from vehicles, dust and acid rain stain. It enables the sheet to maintain as new as it is.


Co-extrusion with Anti-UV coating on the surface shall effectively blocking harmful ultraviolet rays, protect against ultraviolet from transmitting which cause sheet to crack, turn yellow and effectively maintain physical properties of Polycarbonate.

Understanding of Anti-UV Coating

UV Degradation

FAQ: What waviness of UV causes biggest damage to Polycarbonte?

UV-A: 320nm ~ 380nm
-Influence of UV-A on polymer: It might cause some certain polymers to degrade.
-Influence of UV-A on human: In general, there is no harm to human body, but human often expose under the UV-A during the life time. The UV-A permeates deeply and strongly so that skin becomes lack of elasticity easily.

UV-B: 280nm ~ 320nm
-Influence of UV-B on polymer: This is the lowest waviness of sun light, and mainly causes polymers to degrade.
-Influence of UV-B on human: UV-B is strongest during 10 AM to 2 PM. UV-B would make skin rough, sensitive, weak, and even become skin cancer. It's easy to get sunburn because of UV-B.

UV-C: lower than 280nm
-Influence of UV-C on polymer: UV-C would cause some abnormal effects on polymers.
-Influence of UV-C on human: UV-C can destroy microorganism. UV-C is absorbed by ozonosphere while passing the atmosphere. As the results, UV-C wouldn't cause any damage to skin.

Certain waviness which might cause biggest damage:

PolymerCertain waviness which might cause biggest damage (nm)
Polyvinyl acetate< 280
Polycarbonate  (PC)285, 305, 330, 360
PMMA290, 325
SAN290, 325
PP310, 370
PET / PBT325
PA280 - 290, 300 - 320

The QUV weather ability test of Polycarbonate boards made by SUN ASIA:

WaysThe Index Of YellowingUseful Life Without Yellowing
No Anti-UVHigher than 40Yellowing at A Short Time
Anti-UV Contain10 ~ 151 ~ 2 Years
General Anti-UV Coating3 ~ 73 ~ 5 Years
Long-Lasting Anti-UV CoatingLower than 6Lower than 10 Years

Data criterion above is base on 313nm for this test.